Environmental city planning

Local governments have become the first line of defense against a changing climate, and have the power to help their community become more sustainable and resilient.

Cities can create programs and set policies on everything from increased green spaces to incentives for  composting and recycling. There’s no better time to start engaging your community around these pressing problems.

Potential use cases

Community engagement can be used to advance a variety of environment & sustainability initiatives. Here are some of the most common types of projects CitizenLab has been used for:
Climate action plans

Climate action plans detail the steps that cities can take to help mitigate climate change. Create realistic goals while generating necessary buy-in for activities that require everyone to play their part.

Resilience plans

Resilient cities have the capacity to prepare for and mitigate the impacts of climate change. These plans rely on a near real-time understanding of what happens during a natural disaster and how different parts of your community are affected.

Sustainability programs

From encouraging urban farming, to launching a compost collection system, community engagement helps you promote sustainable practices, communicate relevant details, and mobilize residents.

Sustainable city planning and projects

Relevant features to support sustainable cities

CitizenLab’s community engagement platform helps you launch projects using a variety of consultation methods, without having to juggle different tools.

Surveys & polls

Use a survey to ask your community specific questions and better understand their needs and expectations, or implement a poll to get feedback on a specific topic to quickly understand priorities.


Crowdsource ideas directly from residents to gain valuable insights into how they use (or would like to use) their local public spaces.


Visualize what is happening in each neighborhood, or a specific area, at a glance to address needs directly.

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Read some use cases

We believe that community engagement doesn’t have to be hard. To enable all local governments to tap into the benefits of community engagement, we’ve put together inspirational case studies and practical blog posts showing real examples of how our platform has been deployed as a solution for various use cases.

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