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Who are we?

CitizenLab was founded in 2015. We give cities and governments a digital participation to consult their citizens on local topics and include them in decision-making. We believe that empowering citizens can help governments make better decisions, improve trust and strengthen democracy.

We're a team of 15 people, based in Brussels. The team is a mix of developers and citizen participation experts, who are all passionate about citizen participation and innovation.

Meet the team

Wietse Van Ransbeeck CitizenLab

Wietse Van Ransbeeck

Chief Executive Officer
Aline Muylaert CitizenLab

Aline Muylaert

Head of Business Development
Koen Gremmelprez CitizenLab

Koen Gremmelprez

Chief Technology Officer
Joost Vandenbroele Citizenlab

Joost Vandenbroele

GovSuccess Manager
Julien Joxe CitizenLab

Julien Joxe

Business Developer France
Karel Verhaeghe CitizenLab

Karel Verhaeghe

Product Manager
Antoine Pirard CitizenLab

Antoine Pirard

Product Designer
David Cnoops CitizenLab

David Cnoops

Front-End Engineer
Sébastien Hoorens CitizenLab

Sébastien Hoorens

NLP & Back-End Engineer
Brent Guffens CitizenLab

Brent Guffens

Front-End Engineer
Sara Boisseau Citizenlab

Sara Boisseau

Front-End Engineer
Coline Cuau CitizenLab

Coline Cuau

Marketing Manager
Marlene Dirven CitizenLab

Marlene Dirven

Country Manager Netherlands
Ilona Lodewijckx CitizenLab

Ilona Lodewijckx

Content Strategist

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Our company values

Celebration icon
We take fun seriously.
The excellence of work we’re striving for, gets sustained by a culture of fun and collaboration. Every win, whether its a small or big one, gets celebrated on our path to impact.
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We empower our employees.
The operating system of CitizenLab is designed in that way that every individual and team to take up a maximum of responsibilities and have great freedom to operate in.
Target icon
We work with a purpose.
We are impact-driven. We all come daily to work because we are thrilled by the mission we share at CitizenLab. Using technology, we create social change.
Wrench icon
We share bold ambitions.
Notwithstanding the fun and laughter we share on this journey, we are very serious about where we are growing towards. Our mission to change democracy comes first, at any time.
CitizenLab - Civic Engagement made really easy

Contact us

Boulevard Anspach 65
1000 Brussels

+31 85 888 5277
+32 2 808 50 22 
+33 1 86 76 71 62 

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