Raise public awareness and encourage informed participation.
Get the word out about your city’s initiatives and actively guide the conversations within your community with CitizenLab. Using our trusted platform (move over social media), you can encourage your residents to engage in your city's initiatives all in one place, backed by a suite of tools created uniquely for community engagement.

Hear it directly from Chelsey in the City of Allen, TX

“In addition to increasing the quantity of participants, we were able to improve the quality of our community conversations by answering direct questions and responding to concerns promptly, before misinformation and rumor mills could overtake the dialogue.”

Community engagement, without the headache

Click through the tabs below to see the valued benefits of an online engagement platform.

Reach a bigger and more
representative audience.

  • Meet more of your residents where they are: online
  • One accessible platform to inform and continuously engage all your residents
  • Multilingual support to cater to your diverse population 
  • Enhance in-person engagement with digital tools

A seamless experience for
residents and admins alike.

  • Intuitive interface for residents
  • Hassle-free admin dashboard
  • Direct, in-platform messaging to easily engage registrants
  • Easy to use, even for those less tech-savvy

Craft a platform that
reflects your city's identity.

  • Break through the noise of social media with a customized platform
  • Flexible page builder means you can guide residents through the most important information, easily
  • Create custom pages for each project to tell your story, your way

Overcome the hurdles
of modern communication.

  • Robust comment regulation and moderation features.
  • Transparent and continuous updates to foster trust.
  • Combat misinformation and social media rumors.
  • Understand the 'why' behind community engagement metrics.

See how some of our 400+ local
governments shine with CitizenLab.

St. Louis, MO gets over 1,000 registrants in under two days

Read it in the news

Allen, TX defines a clear plan and builds a culture of engagement

Explore the whole story

Visit Durango, CO gets creative with giveaways to encourage engagement

Check out their post


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Here are a few of our favorite things
(aka expert resources)

How to create a communications plan for community engagement

Get more people engaged in your city’s projects and on your platform. Our expert-written guide will cover how to:

  • Set up a communications plan for each project phase
  • Walk through the core, strategic steps for every project plan
  • Draw on best practices and lessons from our collaboration with 400+ local governments worldwide.
Download now
Grow your skills through the CitizenLab Academy
Through an interactive, online course we share our experience and expertise from working with hundreds of local governments in a highly accessible and flexible format.

10 course modules  divided into 5 course blocks provide end-to-end training and guidance on planning and executing digital public participation initiatives.
Learn from and get inspired by the CitizenLab community
We’ve helped 300+ local governments and organizations foster meaningful dialogue and understand their communities better.

Besides learning from our experts, we also promote peer learning through our Community Platform, an exclusive hub for our clients to connect, ask questions, and stay in the loop about the exciting projects that are launching all over the world.
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88% more
engagement, meaning more residents and more topics.
12x increase
in resident engagement, including from under heard groups.
55% less
time spent on analysis and reporting, allowing for more continuous engagement.