Lommel uses Citizenlab to involve citizens in urban planning decisions

31 536 inhabitants

Innovation and entrepreneurship are key concepts in the further development of the future of the city. With the slogan "Pure energy", Lommel wants to distinguish itself in alternative, clean energy. But above all, Lommel also wants to be a city where it is pleasant to live and work.

Challenges and goals

The train station environment is an important place in the city. Not only as a hub for public transport, but also because it is a unique place where nature and city intertwine. Currently, the area is somewhat abandoned. The city council wanted to develop the station environment in the coming years into a high-quality residential area that is well connected to the center. That is why she wanted to involve a maximum number of citizens.

The month of September was dominated by public participation. The city received a lot of response from the residents through CitizenLab and organized consultation moments with the stakeholders and the interested project developers.


The City of Lommel decided to divide the plans for the neighborhood into 5 themes. This allowed citizens to easily filter the proposals according to their interests.

Since the project was already in a further phase, plans from a study bureau were already on the table. The City of Lommel therefore had to communicate this to the citizens in a clear manner:


The City of Lommel informed the citizens about the participation initiatives through various channels. The announcement was made online via social media (Twitter and Facebook) and newsletters. Local press were also contacted. An integration on the website via a widget also led citizens to the platform.


Through CitizenLab's email notifications the platform administrators were continuously informed of the activity on the platform. This allowed them to react immediately whenever it was desired.

The automated weekly newsletters kept the registered citizens informed about recent activities such as the most popular ideas. This way, users were also invited to share the ideas with other citizens.


The following results were achieved in 45 days:


What was particularly surprising for the platform of Lommel was that a high number of visitors (then registered users) have consulted the platform. Participation also includes informing citizens.

The administrators of the platform praised the user-friendliness of the tool. They followed the activity on the platform easily and in a way that was not too time-consuming. The dashboard with demographic insights also added a lot of value to them.

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