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The project timeline

Split your project between phases and decide what happens in each: idea collection, votes, etc. Decide when citizens can post ideas, vote, and comment on them, to build a tailor-made process and match the timing of the council agenda.

The events agenda

Each project gets its own calendar for meet-ups and gatherings. Citizens taking part in a project get a reminder to join the events. It's an opportunity to meet people who are already involved online and to invite other citizens to take part in the debate.

The idea status management

Give feedback on the citizens' ideas easily and be transparent about the actions you take towards your citizens. The idea status management is there to help you communicate your decisions quickly and easily.

CitizenLab made these projects possible

CitizenLab - Civic Engagement made really easy

Steenokerzeel consulted its residents
on new mobility plan scenarios

Steenokkerzeel asked their citizens to pick amongst 6 scenarios
to prevent rat-run traffic and the severe traffic diversion during
rush hour, as the town is close to Brussels.

CitizenLab - Civic Engagement made really easy

Lommel reorganised its train station
area together with the citizens

The city of Lommel asked citizens and passers-by to give their opinion
and ideas about the redevelopment plans of the area, to make it as
convenient as possible for the ones who experience it daily.

All Topics
CitizenLab - Civic Engagement made really easy

Vilvoorde brought back the citizens' voice
at the core of the council

The City of Vilvoorde, in the north of Brussels, is collecting citizen ideas
on several topics with different timelines. All ideas are continuously
processed by a dedicated team inside the city administration.

What citizens say about us

"With CitizenLab I have been able to get in touch with other theatre enthusiasts. Together with the town culture department we have launched a weekly workshop."
Maud, 34
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