Get your stakeholders' feedback,
opinion, and more

We developed all the functionalities you need in a flexible digital solution
to help you easily ignite discussion online between you and your users.
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Give your stakeholders a customisable online space to get involved with your organisation.


Easily process your users input and projects thanks to an intuitive idea management admin panel.


Get access to the data you need at the right moment for better-informed decision-making.

What these organisations found especially helpful

CitizenLab - Civic Engagement made really easy
The project timeline

Split your project between phases and decide what happens in each: idea collection, votes, etc. Decide when users can post ideas, vote, and comment on them, to build a tailor-made process.

CitizenLab - Civic Engagement made really easy
The idea status management

Give feedback on the users' ideas easily and be transparent about the actions you take towards your citizens ideasthem. The idea status management is there to help you communicate your decisions quickly and easily.

CitizenLab - Civic Engagement made really easy
The identity verification tool

We provide organisations with easy ways to confirm the identity of your users thanks to authentication mechanisms for identity verification. Always make sure of whose voice is being heard.

CitizenLab made these projects possible

CitizenLab - Civic Engagement made really easy

The Danish Business Authority

The Danish Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs
launched regional challenges to improve business conditions
in Denmark and allowed citizens and businesses to upload
their ideas and projects on the platform.

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CitizenLab - Civic Engagement made really easy

South Africa crowdsourced the content
of the State of the Nation Address

On GovChat, the nationwide CitizenLab platform, the South African
government gave its citizens the opportunity to choose what
the president should talk about during his speech.

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CitizenLab - Civic Engagement made really easy

Burgerkabinet allowed citizens to co-design
recommendations for the Brussels region

Thanks to two online platforms (Cabinet Citoyen in French,
and Burgerkabinet in Dutch) the Brussels region authorities
crowdsourced the vision and expectations of the
citizens on various topics.

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What users say about us

"GovChat gave us a platform to start a dialogue with the Minister on my policy priorities. It’s great to see that my input has been taken into account and has received feedback."
Maria, 55
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