The services we offer

Process & Strategy

We put our experience at your disposal to stack all the odds in your favour while planning your citizen participation initiatives.

Analysis & Moderation

Our specialists are here to assist and guide you through the analysis and management of the gathered input for a better understanding of your citizens.

Implementation & Support

Every step of the way, our specialists are here to answer your questions and share their knowledge when it comes to making the best of your platform.

SucceSs & Strategy

We help you make
the best of your platform

  • Dedicated engagement specialist
    Online civic engagement is always part of a broader picture. Our well-established project management procedures help you to ensure that your participation efforts run smoothly and steer clear from disorganization.
  • Exchange of best practices
    We share learnings and tips on how to do things in an online resource centre. Every few months, we bring clients together to exchange best practices.
  • Strategic advice on communication and process design
    We figure out the right way of arranging citizen participation for each client and project. We assist you in planning your communication strategy and help you to execute it.

We help you manage
and understand citizen input

  • Moderation and editing
    You can opt for proactive or reactive moderation by CitizenLab. If you’re a small team, we'd be more than happy to help you moderate your citizens' input.
  • Analysis and insights
    We provide on-demand reports on the citizen's engagement and the project development. What are the main conclusions from all these numbers and data?
  • Trainings
    We help you and your colleagues to get onboard on the platform. Our specialists answer your questions via live chat and help you get started.
Implementation & Support

We provide you with
the support you need

  • Quick and easy deployment
    Our team of engineers will launch the platform online as soon as needed. We help you to customise your platform based on your existing visual identity.
  • Support and troubleshooting
    Using a support ticket system and a customer service chat, our technicians are available to answer your questions and solve any problem you may have.
  • Ongoing improvements of the platform
    CitizenLab is built for you, thanks to your feedback. Every comment you give us helps us to understand the issue you are facing and to prioritise our next product features.
Over 100 governments and 15,000 citizens
are already using CitizenLab to co-create their policy.
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