Become a CitizenLab Partner

Join our growing global network of  community changemakers and democracy champions.
CitizenLab offers individuals and organizations the opportunity to be part of a growing, trusted network of partners on a mission to strengthen digital democracy, invigorate community engagement, and help governments around the world make better decisions.

We strongly champion collaboration with our partners and are continuing to build a partner network to deliver CitizenLab’s product and services and to help us power our mission.

We work with several types of partners: Reseller Partners, Strategic Partners,  Project Partners and Attributor Partners. Read on to find out more!
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CitizenLab partnerships possibilities
Reseller Partners
Strategic Partners
Project Partners
Attributor Partners

Reseller Partners: our flagship program

CitizenLab’s Reseller Partner program offers you the opportunity to strengthen digital democracy in your local market, build on previous experience, and utilize your networks and grow with us. We work with experienced individuals who share the vision of building and contributing to better democractic practice in their country and who can champion, market, and sell CitizenLab’s platform to local governments and other relevant stakeholders.

You’d be a great Reseller Partner if you:
  • Have a network of contacts and/or current clients in the public sector
  • Share Citizenlab’s values and mission
  • Have experience with, or good knowledge of, community engagement processes
  • Can dedicate at least 50% of your time to building and growing CitizenLab in your market
  • Are a small organization, an affiliated group of contractors/freelancers, or an individual
  • Have previous experience working with online platforms and tools (preferable, but not essential)
  • Are a for-profit organization (preferable, but not essential)
CitizenLab Reseller Partner benefits
How we approach Reseller Partner recruitment

Want to join us on our mission to strengthen digital democracy?

Send an email to and apply to be a Reseller Partner .

Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners are organizations or companies looking to build a strong, collaborative partnership to bolster engagement and participation in their projects and for longer-term goals.

You’d be a great Strategic Partner if you:
  • Offer services and products that are complementary to CitizenLab’s platform and mission
  • Are well versed in running projects for or working with local and national governments, as well as other government bodies
  • See yourself building a longer term, strategic partnership with CitizenLab

What do we offer Strategic Partners?
We offer you the opportunity to position yourselves alongside a leading Civic Tech company that is driven by a mission of bringing democracy  and community engagement into the digital age. Benefits include co-marketing opportunities, co-branding opportunities, your organization’s representation in our content, and much more.

Want to join us on our mission to strengthen digital democracy?

Email for strategic partnering opportunities.

Project Partners

If you’re  starting a project that could benefit from  a tool to support community engagement and participation - we’d love to hear from you.

CitizenLab has been part of numerous projects with Project Partner organizations (consultancies, communications agencies, NGOs, and more), and we are always looking for impactful projects to support.

Whether it’s a local government project on community engagement for the regeneration of the town square, or an H2020 bid on climate change, we are ready to innovate as part  of your project team.

Want to join us on our mission to strengthen digital democracy?

Email for project partnering opportunities.

Attributor Partners

Attributors and referrers are individuals or organizations who refer contacts to CitizenLab.

CitizenLab looks after the full sales and post-sales cycle, and Attributors simply need to give us some context and put us in touch with their contacts.

We think this is a great way to build partnerships with Attributors and with our clients, we also revenue-share for any referred contacts who sign up to use our platform.

Want to join us on our mission to strengthen digital democracy?

Email for attributor partnering opportunities.

Our network of trusted partners

Testimonial Image

My partner Magdalena and I were delivering services to make local governments more participatory, but were lacking the tools to maximise our impact. Partnering up gave us the opportunity to represent CitizenLab in parts of Latin America. Together, we already rolled out the platform in 10 Chilean cities and we are looking forward to the future.

Pablo Valenzuela

Partner Chile
Testimonial Image

Citizenlab proves to be the supportive and purpose-driven partner. In just a few months, we rolled out the platform in five Danish municipalities, something we could never have hoped for at the start of our journey. We are in this together.

Søren Kielgast

Partner Denmark